A few cases


Manager of hydrogen projects: Proud hands-on team- , project- and procesmanager In charge of the hydrogen projects.

Business ConsultantAdvising the board (C-level) and management in the field of (human) resource management, policy & compliance and restructuring of the production departments (ophthalmic medical devices) EU & USA.

Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO)Various confidential consultancy assignments. Adviser to two institutes and primarily responsible for managing the process of innovation and change- & projectmanagement.

Program Manager & Teammanager Projects: The further professionalization and optimization of the Infra Projects Department and the Maintenance Department. Assignment includes bringing both departments under control by order of the Commercial Director and Operations Manager in the trajectory towards the sale of their company.

Manager OperationsMT member. After a major reorganization, I restored peace to the relevant departments through smarter resource management, organizational change and development.

Business Manager Industry: Setting up and expanding a Dutch Industry Department and advising the infra department move forward, technically and commercially.